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I compile 10 must-have newborn essentials checklist to help new moms to find all the newborn essentials that you need for your baby.

I will compile 10 must-have newborn essentials checklist to help new moms to find all the newborn essentials that you need for your baby.

This newborn essentials checklist will help you to save time and energy that you will use to find all the things you need to buy.

New mom tries as much as possible to find and buy all the essentials for newborn care and you too are in the shoe looking for newborn essentials checklist. Most pregnant women buy kinds of stuff that they don’t need and even the newborn essential that they bought is of low quality.

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In this article, we are going to look at 10 must-have essentials checklist that you need for your day to day care of your newborn baby.


1. Baby Nursery

The very first stuff that you need to take care of is your baby nursery.
New parents spend months trying to improve their many nurseries to suit their taste and it is recommended that your baby sleeps in the same room as the parent to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or crib death.

To prevent SIDS, you need to buy a pack and go baby cribs that you can set up at the different rooms.

2. Baby Wipes

Another baby essential that you need to buy is baby wipes. The use of baby wipes is not limited to the cleaning of the baby but you can also use baby wipes for beauty care to clear your skin of makeup.

Make sure you use water-based baby wipes because they are skin-friendly.

3. Baby Diaper

Baby diapers is another must-have newborn essentials checklist that you need to buy now. A newborn baby can use up to ten diapers in a day and with so many diapers to choose from, you need to select the most suitable diapers for your baby.

4. Car Seat

You need to buy a car seat for your baby if you want to move around in your car without worrying about your baby wellbeing.

The car seat you selected, should be very light in weight so that you can carry it all around with stressing yourself and also make sure that the car seat is protected against impact.

5. Feeding station

Breastfeeding parents should consider having a feeding station. Newborn babies feed a lot and you need to set up your feeding station that contains your nipple cream for fast pain relief, water bottles, breast pad, and other emergency kits.

6. Baby Stroller

The best baby stroller you choose depend on your need, buying a baby stroller is like buying a car, you need to find the perfect stroller that fit your budget and your immediate need.
If you have an older toddler, you can buy a double baby stroller for your newborn baby and toddler.

7. Baby Wrap

Newborn baby needs skin to skin contact with their mother and you can use the baby wrap to secure the baby to your yourself so that you can do other stuff without worrying about the well being of the baby.

The baby wrap is very easy to use without much explanation.

8. Feeding Bottle

Feeding bottles come in different sizes and materials. With so many materials to choose from, select the right materials for your baby. Newborn baby should use anti-colic nipple on feeding bottle because it reduces the amount of air the baby swallow during feeding.

9. Baby Monitor

If you decide to have a room for your baby nursery, you need to be able to monitor your baby. The use of a baby monitor helps newborn mothers to keep an eye on sleeping baby.

10. Diaper Rash Cream

If you want your baby to have smooth and rash free bottom, you need to buy diaper rash cream. If you use the correct diaper for your baby, it will minimize rashes and you can also use diaper rash cream to clear out the rashes.

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