6 Good Parenting Tips For Parent

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Every parent work hard to raise their kid to become a better person with good character. They continuously work hard to raise the perfect kid by raising the standard by which they raise their kid and hoping they maintain this standard when they grow older.

Being a better parent is a work in progress, as there is no perfect parent out there but you can be the best version of yourself by following this parenting tips for mother.

A parent relationship with their kid would reflect on the kid behavior, this is why you need to create a strong bond with your kid.

6 Good Parenting Tips For Parent

It is very hard to master and implement all the 6 parenting tips, you can start with one or two at a time and move to the next parenting tips after you have mastered the first two. Creating a loving relationship with your kid would allow your kid to talk to you freely and listen to what you want to say.

  • Listen to your kid

Listening to your kid is not just about hearing what they are saying but creating a bond with your kid which allow them to talk to you freely without fear. Kid who talk to their parent find it easier to communicate with other people and would express herself without fear which help to develop their social skill.

  • Lead by example

Your kid look up to you as their parent and imitate your behaviour and character. If you want to raise good children, you need to walk the walk by showing them the good example that you want them to follow.

Instead of asking them to stop talking when eating, you can start by showing them that you too also follow this rule and they would follow as well.

Parent should stop using foul language in the presence of their kid because your kid will likely say those word in public and other parent would definitely question your parenting. You can rely on parenting one-liner to pass information and caution your kid behavior.

  • Show them love

Shower your kid with your love, there is nothing like too much love.

When you shower your kid with love, the body release good hormone which help them to be calm, emotional warmth and contentment.

  • Be consistent with your rule

Consistency with your rule is the only solution to your child behaviour. Your kid would try as much as possible to force you to bend your rule and once they understand that you can bend your rules they would try to test your limit.

Parent should create a set of rules and punishment for every bad behavior and be consistent with the rule.

Though you can make exception to your house rule by telling them in advance.

  • Don’t try to fix everything

Kid should learn to solve their problem by looking for possible solution, this make them to become self reliance and ability to solve future problem without input from their parent.

  • Do not hit your kid

Spanking your kid would create fear and they won’t understand what they do wrong. A lot of research have been conducted on spanking and they discover that adult who were spanked when they are younger regularly die at a younger age of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses and if that is not enough another research carry out by researcher Julie Ma and colleagues found that spanking was associated with later aggressive behavior. Ma has previously linked spanking to later antisocial behavior, anxiety, and depression.

Parent can find alternative way of disciplining their kid by placing your child in timeout, take away privileges, ignore mild misbehavior, provide logical consequences, and reward good behaviour.

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