6 Ways For Dad To Bond With Baby

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Are you looking for ways to bond with your new baby as a new dad? Or are you having difficulty in bonding with your precious baby? Then you are in luck, the article will explore 6 ways for dad to born with baby.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in parenting, bonding with your newborn baby can be an everlasting relationship between you and your child. And you don’t have to neglect and postpone having time with your kid until they are old enough because that would make bonding become stressful for both of you.

Newborn baby need care and proper attention, and they bond well with people who look after them. If you don’t want your nanny to become your kid’s new parent like a dad, you need to come up with plans that help you to bond with your baby at a tender age.

A lot of old people complain about having daddy issues and spent an entire fortune trying to find meaningful solutions to these daunting problems that can be solved at an early age when fathers bond with their kids.

There is a lot of grown-up issue that you might be facing as a new parent but neglecting your baby should not be one. Father to children bond create a solid relationship that is difficult to destroy, your kids listen to you while you are respected as a father.

If you are having your first child, it is hard to picture yourself from a single bachelor living a care-free life to a father with a lot of responsibilities. But don’t you worry, because having a father to newborn baby bond can be learned and perfected.

What Is Bonding?
Bonding refers to the attachment with your newborn baby. Bonding of newborn babies with their mother is straightforward because the mother provides every need and care for the baby but with father, it can easily be overlooked. But as a new father you need to develop a strong attachment with your baby by showing him/her unconditionally love and care.

6 Ways For Dad To Bond With Baby
Let now look at 6 simple ways for dad to bond with baby, if you are a new dad you should try all this simple bonding hack for dad and you will be surprised at how strong the bond between you two will be.

  • Talk and sing with your baby

Newborn babies like to listen to adult talking and you too can create a strong bond by talking and singing with him/her. Practicing this tip would help you to share ideas easily when they are older because you talk with them. You can start by talking about how your day was, explaining different things, and singing your favorite song.

  • Skin to skin contact

Newborn baby bond faster with their mother because of the skin to skin contact. Every day mother cuddles their baby giving them a strong connection that you too can create by having skin to skin contact with your baby every day.

  • Bathe your baby

It is not the job of the mother to bathe the baby, the father can also help out by taking part in caring for the baby. You can start by bathing your baby once or twice a week and increase the number of times you bathe at your own pace. Other activities you can take part is changing of diapers, washing off their clothe, and so on.

  • Play with your baby

You might not have the feminine hand to play with newborn baby, but you can start by learning how to carry newborn baby without causing any harm to the baby and as the baby grows older you can start by doing little exercise together.

  • Read books to your baby

Reading books to your baby help to develop their reading ability and have a longer attention span which would help in their educational development. You can start by reading a book or two to create a bond between you and the baby.

  • Mirror his sounds

Your baby through sounds is trying to imitate the sound he/she is hearing and you can encourage him/her by sounding like her. This encourages your baby to talk with you by making a sound like ahh or oh.

Following these ways for dad to bond with baby will help new dads to have a stronger relationship with their baby and prevent them from having daddy issues.


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