7 most controversial parenting topics ever

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7 most controversial parenting topics ever

There are so many controversial parenting topics that have divided a lot of parents into two distinct groups. This controversial parenting topic has brought out angry debates among health care professionals, teachers, and parents. And there is no middle ground here, you belong to one group or the other.

In this article, we are going to look at 7 controversial parenting topics. This Controversial topic has lead to a lot of angry debates and can really get ugly.

Newly parents find it out to stick with one method of parenting, and doubt if they are right or wrong, if you are in this kind of situation, don’t worry because every parent understands what you are going to.

It is better if you stick to one method of raising your kids, even if it upset other people. Remember you are the parent and it is your decision.

7 most controversial parenting topics

  • Breastmilk vs Baby formula milk

This controversy was started when baby formula milk was invented. A lot of mothers are divided into two distinct groups, one group encourages breastfeeding while the other group prefers the baby formula milk.

No matter what you stick with, you are sure to raise a few eyebrows from other mamas who are not in support of your decision.

Remember to seek the advice of a health care professional before deciding on what is best between breastfeeding or formula milk.

  • Natural birth vs cesarean section

Another hot topic among mama is how to give birth, with two factions natural birth and cesarean section.

While some choose to undergo c section to give birth because of personal choice and doctors’ advice, you are sure to expect some group of people to question your decision claiming that you are too posh and “highly maintenance lady”.

Pregnant women are advised to stick with any type of birth that they are comfortable with and ignore the few jabs associated with this controversial parenting topic.

Another hot topic among parents is the use of reins for toddlers? If you can’t go out with using reins for your kids, you find out people judging you without understanding your situation.

There are toddlers full of energy who want to explore everywhere without any consideration for traffic. If your toddler is well behaved, you might not use toddler reins.

No matter, what you decide, whether to use toddler rein or not, know that they don’t know your toddler better than you.

  • Babywearing

Fashion is always a controversial topic for women, when you now combine it with baby, you get another controversial parenting topics called babywearing.

Babywearing has been in practice for centuries and is still generating heated debate among mamas.

Remember to stick with babywearing that you are comfortable with and discard any negatives comment about how you raise your kids.

  • When to start weaning

The recommended time for mother to start weaning according to WHO is 6 months with the introduction of solid foods to the baby.

What causes controversy here, is that some parent starts weaning very early around 4 months due to the fact that the kids are hungry, not sleeping through the night, and so on. When you wean your baby very early, you might be shunned by other parents.

  • Sleeping arrangement

Another controversial parenting topic is sleeping arrangement, most women lie to their doctors because they don’t want to face any backlash.

Sleeping arrangements for new parent can be difficult, the baby might need constant skin to skin contact with the mother. The best solution is to adopt a method that works for you, it might be letting your baby sleep next to you or you buying cots, cribs, or side sleepers. There are so many different options to choose from.

  • Homeschooling

Another hotly debated issue is homeschooling. What started as a hippie revolution, has caught up with modern parents sticking with homeschooling. While some parents prefer the old method of education, other parents are trying new mode of schooling like homeschooling and online class.

There are so many benefits that you can derive when you homeschool your kids, remember that the future of the kid is what matters and not the mode of schooling.

Controversial parenting topics can lead to ugly argument even among friends, remember not to criticize other parents on how they raise their baby.

7 most controversial parenting topics ever

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