9 Fun and Exciting Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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After confirming that you are pregnant, the next step is how to announce to your husband.

But how do you deliver this wonderful news to your husband in an exciting way to bring joy and happiness to your husband?

Most married women attempt to get pregnant and after few years of not getting pregnant, the bond between the couple tend to reduce, this is why when you get positive news that you are pregnant, the next step is how to plan your pregnancy announcement to your hubby in a fun and creative ways.

In this article, we are going to look at how to surprise your husband in fun and exciting ways when announcing your pregnancy status.

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9 Fun and Exciting Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Show him the pregnancy test in a fun way

If you are looking for cute and funny pregnancy announcement idea that you can use to surprise your husband after using pregnancy test kit to confirm your pregnancy status.

Once you confirmed that you are pregnant using the pregnancy test kit, the next step is to hide the pregnancy test kit in a place where he will find in the morning before going to work.

If he has a place where he keeps his car key and other personal stuff, you can hide it there and watch his reaction, as he process the result.

2. Deliver cute baby picture to your house

Another fun way of announcing that you are pregnant to your husband is to buy cute baby pictures online.

Make sure that your husband is the one that receives and opens the package and watch his reaction to the cute pictures.

3. Surprise Dinner

If you are looking for exciting ways to announce your pregnancy status, you should consider taking your husband to a fancy dinner.

During the dinner, make sure that you show him hints that you are pregnant without actually telling him.

Surprise dinner that is pregnancy theme is another fun way to tell your hubby that you are pregnant.

4. Send him baby clothes pictures

If you want to surprise your hubby alongside announce that you are pregnant, you should consider buying baby clothes with your own handwriting printed on the clothes announcing that you are pregnant.

Take a picture of you holding the cloth with your phone and send him the picture when he is at work. The word you write on the cloth should be personal, that only you and your husband will understand.

5. Design your baby nursery

If you want to surprise your hubby without actually telling him that you are pregnant is to start designing your baby nursery.

You can start by buying a few stuff that your baby will need and when he stumbles on the baby nursery, he will understand the message you are passing across.

6. Cupcake

If you are looking for fun way to announce your pregnancy to your hubby and family is to design cupcake with customize topper with the caption that you are pregnant.

You can order the cupcake if you don’t have the time to bake on your own and add the handcraft topper on your own.

7. Using Banner

Using a banner is one of the most simple and fun pregnancy announcement idea.

The idea is simple to customize to your taste by adding a personalized message or you can buy pregnancy banner online.

8. Announce with an eviction notice

If you have an older child that is using the crib, you can come up with an eviction notice idea.

You can design the eviction notice by yourself using Adobe Photoshop or Canva or you can use the service of a graphics designer.

Take the picture of an eviction notice on the crib and send it to your spouse, family, and friends.

9. Announce with a fortune cookie

Another exciting way of pregnancy announcement is by using a fortune cookie. Write down what you want your husband to know and put it inside a fortune cookie.

You can purchase a box of fortune cookies on Amazon and place your note inside the fortune cookie.

Select any of the pregnancy announcement ideas to surprise your hubby. You can also use these pregnancy announcement ideas to tell inform your family and friends.

Do you have any fun and exciting pregnancy announcement ideas that weren’t listed? Please share it with us in the comment section.

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