Top 8 Parenting One-Liners For Mother

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Parent all over the world, find parenting very challenging. It doesn’t matter if your kid is a boy or girl. You need to create your favourite parenting one-liners to correct your kid and pass necessary information without saying much.

Coming up with a good parenting one-liners is not easy for new mom. Mom with two to three kids would have create different parenting one-liners that they use all the time.

A good parenting one-liners is a few word use by parent in correcting a mistake, passing information that the kid would understand very well, fix bad behaviour and so on. The reason why parent one-liners are working is because kids prefer playing and a commonly used parenting one-liner who pass the information without saying much words.

Top 8 Parenting One-Liners For Mother

  • Walk please

Going out for a walk can be a bonding moment for parent and the kid, but what if after few minutes your kid is complaining of too tired and she want to go home. You can start by using this one-liner walk please to persuade her not to stop half way. This one-liner can be use by parent to force their kid to complete their task by adding please.

  • What do you want me to do

Putting your kid in a position where she feel in control but in reality you are in control is an effective parenting one-liner to use when your kid want you to solve a problem for her. Kids whose parent use this one-liner know that there parent trust them and will respect their decision.

  • Let try it again

Parent should try to use this one-liner when their kid has not complete their chore, assignment, or throwing tantrum over an issue. By using this line, you are in control of the situation and you should try and hide your anger at them and watch as they finish the task very fast.

  • Let me know when you are ready to talk

Another powerful one-liner to use when your kid is angry and throwing tantrum over silly stuff. This give you time to be less angrier at her and you would listen to her point because you are not angry with her. When you respond with angry voice it can cause negative emotion between you two which is bad news for parent.

  • Finish Your assignment now!

As a parent you are in control and you should show your kid that you are in control by issuing order that you kid must obey.

Word like Must and Now should be use regularly to show that you are in control.

  • I can’t understand when you are shouting

This powerful one-liner is use to politely tell you kid to stop shouting at you and try to talk to you in a regular voice. Your kid have no choice than to stop shouting no matter the situation. This improve your kid communication skill which they will need when they are older.

  • What did I say

Another way to correct your kid is by using this one-liner, by telling her to repeat what you just said. Your kid would pay attention to what you are saying and you remind her of what to do. Make sure that you use your regular voice so that you won’t sound being angry which could cause mixed feeling.

  • NO!

When your kid get into mischiefs, you need to let her know by saying no. Though it is advisable to reduce the number of time, you say no by letting them understand what you are trying to say.

Parent find raising kid to be challenging, this is why you need to cut down talking longer and start using parent one-liners which pass the necessary information faster and it is easier for kid to understand what you’re trying to say.

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  1. I love the “what do you want me to do” line. My kids often shrug their shoulders and deflect to me on this one so I really have to use it 27 times to get them to make a decision. I think it’s a great way to get them to problem solve and figure out what they really want.

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